Christmas arrangements Manchester


Hey Everyone!

Once again Christmas is upon us and no one is really sure how that’s happened again so fast. We wanted to share with you our favourite piece of the season. Playing around with our big gold urn (as you do) and experimenting with different shapes in and on this very traditional container was a lot of fun and we think its really awesome. At 130CM high and 80CM wide it can easily be used in all sorts of circumstances, from a funky different option to the iconic tree to a really high impact reception desk piece in the foyer of the office building. This year we have gone for the traditional warm colours of reds and golds and matched them with natural products such as pine cones, cinnamon sticks, oranges and feathers. To all of this we added a punch of hot orange with baubles and strung up some giant chillies to finish off the design. We hope you like it!

Whatever you are doing this Christmas we hope you have a fab time with family and friends 🙂

See you soon


Kate and Lisa


PS, Here is our latest team member, His name is Benji and he’s in charge of sticks.Benji