Same sex wedding: Bridal flowers

Hello again!

Today we would like to share some images with you from a photoshoot at Bolton School. Aimed at promoting equality and producing some splendid pictures at the same time we teamed up with some really lovely industry professionals. Thank you to these guys for all your hard work!……

Laura Mayers:

Mick Cookson:

Glamour Bridal of Bolton:

So, down to the flowers…… This shoot was really exciting for us as Glamour bridal were showing our blushing brides in two dresses, we went for two bouquets. It was a challenge to us because we had to create two different bouquets but similar. We really wanted to show unity with the styles and designs whilst also showing that you can create for the personality of the person as well.


These designs are made with Amaranthus and Freesia. They smelt divine and matched perfectly. One design was more petit, whilst the larger design is built on a frame with the Amaranths forming a collar around the central mass of Freesia and Astilbe.

white petal

The next two designs were made with preserved petals, Cyclamen, Kalanchoe, Phalenopsis orchid and were aiming to be a little more delicate, with more subtle colour schemes. The hints of the deep raspberry give depth and texture to the designs with a light fresh feel overall.

Pink worms

With these longer designs, we began to play with the different ways of holding bouquets with a trailing theme. We absolutely love these, especially the over the shoulder bouquet, made up of a delicate wire structure and threaded throughout with Carnation petals (yes carnations!), Kalanchoe and beads.

Hurricane hoops

Again with these we were looking at the trailing design. ‘The hurricane’ ,as we call it, is made of fine wooden strips and decorated with Roses, rose petals, Chrysanthemums (How lovely is that brown colour!!) and dyed berried Eucalyptus. The more delicate of the two designs incorporates threads, fine wires and hand made paper.

Muff and Cuff

Our Muff and Cuff design was a hit on the day, using felts, flat wire, grasses, vines and Eucharis flowers (one of my absolute favourite flowers) These look so wintery and are really really practical pieces. Especially the cuffs, two hands free means two glasses of champagne, right!!!


And finally the hair flowers!! Rebecca is wearing our wild flower crown to match her soft curls whilst our other design  has a more clustered look to match the twists and curls of the beautiful up do. We used a mixture of silk and real flowers in these designs and we really love them both.

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Peace out!xxx