Hanging flowers

We went to Fleuramor for Inspiration on event decor and ‘must have’ trends for 2018.

Organising or coming up with an exciting concept for an event can be difficult. A daunting task, especially if it’s expected to wow important clients/guests. We’ve spent years perfecting different solutions for each clients needs. Always looking out for opportunities to see the latest techniques and gorgeous trends. Inspiration is never far away.
We recently jumped on a flight to Belgium to immerse ourselves in the wonders of Fleuramour. Every year the grounds of a fantastic castle, Alden Biesen, are decorated by the most amazing floral designers on the planet. Alden Biesen is a 16th century castle complete with its own moat! and impeccable gardens. The castle is used today as a cultural conference centre and it’s beauty does not disappoint. The designers who come here are real mixture of talent. There are competitions for all skill ranges which are set out throughout the grounds and castle. The main extravagant pieces are provided by some of the most decorated florists of the moment, including some of our favourites…… 
Natalia Zizko , the winner of the Europa cup from 2011 and is now an international demonstrator and floral artist
Daniel Santamaria ,  who took part in the European championships 2003 and came 2nd. He is now a world renowned demonstrator, author and tutor.
Moniek Vanden Berghe, who is a specialist designer in sympathy and bridal work. She is the author of many beautiful books on these subjects. Her work is beautifully delicate and precise.
Vadim Kazanskiy, His land art is wonderful and he has collaborated at Fleuramour this year with Roman Steinhauer , a Russian floral designer, who has taken part in numerous large scale competitions all over the world.
The floral art at Fleuramour is immense. A variety of fantastic details are on show, which can all help to make your event spectacular.




Tropical flowers forming a wonderful walkway. Artist: Unknown
 Following the crowd through this tropical jungle cave felt magical, mysterious and above all, fun. It created a feeling of awe, wonder and excitement. You moved slower, took everything in and were more alert to your environment. The experience you create can be as big as this or scaled down to create the feel. Everything can be adapted to suit your needs with a little help from us.
If you really have to pull out all the stops then you want to grab your clients from the start and make them want more. How your guests enter a space, dinner or meeting can change the way they feel and their mindset. Thinking about what mood you want your guests to be in and creating that environment can be a big benefit to you.


A fabulous free standing piece could easily be adapted into a table plan. Artist: Tom De Houwer


Table plan idea
A mixture of moss, peas and flowers to create a visually exciting piece. Artist:Tom De Houwer
 Once you are in you want you guest to be relaxed and happy to be there. If you have a table plan then do it with style and maybe think interaction? With a drink in their hand, bring people together to look for their table numbers in a stylish design which can be a real talking point. Looking for a leaf with their name perhaps? or small toy frogs in this epic green background? Your corporate logo or colours could be used to reinforce your brand too!


Hanging flowers
Fabulous hanging designs which can be transformed into event table centres Artist: Natallia Skalova


Hanging floral designs
Perfect for a trestle table style event, hung above the tables and perfectly lit. These create a real wow factor. Artist: Vadim Kazanskiy and Roman Steinhuer


Table centre
A structure that could be created on a large scale for a great tall design. Equally it could be adapted into a low bowl design. Artist: Unknown
 If the aim of your event is to network and bring people together to talk then hanging designs can be a great way to do this. Leave the table clear and lower to height of the room so that there is intimacy. People are more likely to chat and engage in this situation. If you have speakers throughout the evening or AV to consider then low and tall designs might be for you! considering shape and structure can bring the “wow” without being fussy .



Event show stopper
Event show design. Artist: Natalia Zizko

Being able to create a centre stage piece like this carousel brings an immediate element of fun. It could be on a circular stage for the band or a smaller in the centre of a bar. You could use this idea also for the centre of your dance floor. This is bound to get the party started off right.



Photo opportunity
Use a visually stunning piece to create photo opportunities for your event. Artist: Soren Van Laer


Photo opportunity wall
Great textural wall for a photo opportunity. Artist: Daniel Santamaria

Everyone loves a photo opportunity and this is a trend thats growing in popularity. Don’t forget for your event or business its a great way to use social media and raise awareness for you. Visually stunning pieces can be created with your brand logo or initials. Create your Hashtag and set the scene. After a few minutes the internet will be pinging with your brand and showing the world what a fun time it is to be with you, right now



Flower letters
Flower lettering
 No one wants a really great event to end but sadly it has to. Leave your guests with a reminder that you provided fun, delivered the goods and hosted a kick ass party. Extra branding at the end leaves people with the firm memory of you (not to mention another photo opportunity!!
Remember, you can go all out or use a little of the details from any image. For a free consultation on your own event, get in touch with either Lisa or Kate for a fun filled discussion to suits your specific needs.
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